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Lyle Foster’s father’s unselfish act changed his life

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Bafana Bafana and Burnley FC striker Lyle Foster has expressed his gratitude to his father, who sacrificed his job to support his dream of becoming a professional footballer. 

 Lyle Foster revealed that his father had to make the difficult decision to quit his job to ensure that he could focus on his football career. 

 The 23-year-old is currently the South African playing in arguably the best league in the world, the English Premier League. Foster has had a dream start in the league, scoring two goals in Burnley’s opening three games of the new season. 

 While addressing the media at a Bafana press conference in Soweto, Foster also acknowledged that his mother had to continue working to support the family while his father was out of work. 

 Bafana are set to take on DR Congo on Tuesday at Orlando Stadium, which is Foster’s old home ground as he played for Orlando Stadium before moving overseas. 

Bafana Bafana and Burnley FC striker Lyle Foster


“My father was always there and sacrificed a lot, as well as my mother. They both played big roles in my life,” he said.

 “My mother had to go to work while my father was driving me around [to training sessions] with my sister. I think it was a perfect relationship. 

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 “They are still my biggest support structure even today. When I feel like things aren’t going my way, they’re the first people I try to contact. “My parents are the reason why I’m here. I’m very grateful for everything they’re doing. 

 “I’m only 23 now, and there’s still a long way to go. I can still keep fighting to achieve more dreams. 

 “They really changed my life because they’re the ones who sacrificed for me and pushed me into football, making sure that I’m always at the training,” added Foster.

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